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When the Road Ends - Lost in the Pacific

Directed by Dylan Wickrama

Documentary | 93 minutes | Switzerland | 2020 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Growing up in poverty as a child, Dylan dreamt of travelling the world on a motorcycle. Many years later he broke the shackles of a normal life and took to the road. After journeying 200,000 km across four continents, the road from Panama to Colombia comes to an end at the Darién Gap, swallowed up by an impenetrable jungle. Dylan has no choice but to take to the sea, building a raft powered by his motorcycle in the hope of reaching Colombia's road network 700 km away. He must brave strong ocean currents and storms in his journey from Central to South America.


Directed by

Dylan Wickrama

Produced by

Dylan Wickrama


Dylan Wickrama


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Written by

Dylan Wickrama

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