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The Litas

Directed by William Desena

Documentary | 7 minutes | USA | 2018 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


This is a film about Gevin Fax, the oldest member of the women motorcycle collective, The Litas. Growing up in Los Angeles as an African American lesbian in the 1960s, Gevin found that the world wasn’t always forgiving. She started riding dirt bikes at the age of twelve which distanced her even further from the other kids. Though it was because of her love for riding that gifted her peace of mind; it was her meditation, her medicine, her way to escape all of the other noise. Now, because of The Litas, she shares her love for the road with thousands of women all over the world.

Director Bio

William grew up on the coast of Maine where nature sparked his interest for filmmaking. He moved to Colorado where he studied film and spent the majority of his time directing and shooting ski documentaries. After years of living in the mountains, William decided to venture to NYC where he became the internal Director/DP at a renown creative agency. He now resides in Brooklyn as an independent director, focusing his time in the industries of travel, outdoor, sports, fashion, and music.


Directed by

William Desena

Produced by

Lindsey Hagen, Stept Studios


Gevin Fax, The Litas


Cameron Boll


Cam Riley, Ian Boll

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Leigh Powis


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