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Spaghetti Racing (Romagna Racing)

Directed by Jeffrey Zani

Documentary | 56 minutes | San Marnio, Italy | 2020 | Italian (English subtitles) | WORLD PREMIERE


Following the lives of six people that represent the pure Italian passion for motorcycles: the legacy of a popular racer from the 1960s, an 18 year-old aspiring stunt rider, a motocross racer who trains through yoga and Muay Thai, a man that takes looks after the graves of deceased riders, a Japanese Grand Prix racer who moved to Italy in order to pursue his career, and a nostalgic rider who races classic motorcycles. A documentary that brings the viewer to racetracks, parking lots, garages, gyms, cemeteries, discotheques, offices, shops and vegetable gardens, in order to show romantic, roaring and radical lifestyles.

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Director Statement & Bio

By filming three documentaries about motorcycle racing and writing feature stories for magazines during the last 8 years, I got to know many people I learned to love for their personality, opinions and lifestyles. The way they spoke, thought and acted simply amazed me. These aspects could not be included in most of my previous works, because they would just be ‘lost’ in bigger stories that followed some sort of plot. This documentary was produced with the idea of showing them as they are, with no filters. Spaghetti Racing has no standard story: no evolving of events, rather glimpses from the lives of these really romantic Italians I was able to catch during a series of visits I made between the summer of 2018 and the autumn of 2019. These six men, aging from 18 to 73 years of age, act as if they are dealing with the practice of a sort of religion: their days are made up of rituals, little ceremonies, strong and deep ideas. I hope this is what the audience will find and appreciate in this unique and intense trip to Italy’s hidden places.


Jeffrey Zani directed the documentaries Il Mago Mancini(2016, winner of the best film award at the 2018 French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival, distributed by Netflix), Morbidelli (2014), Scuderia Filibusta (2012). Spaghetti Racing is his fourth documentary film. As a freelance journalist he contributed to magazines such as Vice, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.


Directed by

Jeffrey Zani

Produced by

Jeffrey Zani


Giorgio Cola, Gianfranco Elementi, Renzo Pasolini, Luciano Sansovini, Alessandro Senni, Tatsuki Suzuki


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