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Song of Sosa

Directed by Cam Elkins

Documentary | 7 minutes | Australia | 2020 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


Custom motorcycle craftsman, Cristian Sosa, a metalworker in Las Vegas explains his work process and philosophies while building a new custom motorcycle.

Director Statement & Bio

With Song of Sosa, I really wanted to explore Cristian's creative process and avoid the usual technical aspects that go into building a custom motorcycle. In doing so we find what drives him and what he continues to search for instead.


With the success of his internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning web-series "Stories of Bike", Cam is now a sought after director and producer of emotive, story driven video content. Cam Elkins is a TMFF alumn, having is films FASTER and SURVIVOR screened at TMFF 2018.


Directed by

Cam Elkins

Produced by


Cristian Sosa


Cam Elkins


Cam Elkins

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