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Somewhere Else Together

Directed by Daniel Rintz

Documentary | 116 minutes | Germany | 2019 | German (English subtitles) | NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE


Chased by wild elephants. Caught in the cross-fire of a police-smuggler gunfight. Stranded by engine trouble in a civil war zone. How much is this adventurous couple willing to go through for their quest of finding the perfect way of life? Traveling around the globe for three years they meet people from all walks of life, their attitude towards the world is challenged and their ultimate destination unexpected.

Somewhere Else Together is the sequel to Daniel Rintz's 2x award-winning film, Somewhere Else Tomorrow.


Directed by

Daniel Rintz

Produced by

Daniel Rintz, Josephine Flohr



List of editors


List of cinematographers

Written by

Daniel Rintz

Music & Sound

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