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Directed by Tommy Clarke

Narrative | 13 minutes | UK | 2020 | English


Recreating a photo his of his late father may be more significant than Frank first thought.

Director Statement & Bio

Reappear was such a personal project for me, not just that it was my debut short film but more that it was inspired by my late uncle who, like me, loved motorcycles and film cameras. The thought of growing up without your father around and how photographs of them gain more significance as your memories start to fade.


Tommy Clarke is one of the worlds most recognised aerial photographers. He has spent the last ten years travelling the globe hanging out of helicopters everywhere from Australia to Iceland. The move in to film has always been a dream and Reappear is his debut film as a writer and a director.


Directed by

Tommy Clarke

Produced by

Mark Stothert, Minnie Young


Freddie Wise, Ellise Chappell, Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Portia Leslie


Olly Stothert


Lorenzo Levrini

Written by

Tommy Clarke, Ken Kwek

Music & Sound

Paddie Owen


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