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Never Ride Alone

Directed by Scott Englund

Documentary | 79 minutes | Peru | 2018 | English | SPECIAL SCREENING


You'll never know your limits until you give it a shot. Driven to explore and push his physical limits to the edge, Scott Englund traverses the Andes of Peru. There, he becomes obsessed with Pumahuanca, a 5,300-metre high (17,400 foot) mountain that he is determined to climb on his dirt bike, something no one has ever done before. On his own, Scott tackles the challenge of documenting his solo attempt at being the first to ever cross through the region on a dirt bike.

The visually magnificent scenery is matched by Scott's skillful riding and determination to never give up.

March 12 at 9pm Eastern | Live Q&A with Scott Englund on our YouTube and Facebook channels. Join the conversation and ask your questions about the film and Scott's adventure.

Director Statement & Bio


Bringing the story of Never Ride Alone has been a special labor of love and suffering. The experience has been life-threatening, and one of the biggest thrills of my life. Feeling inadequate in the beginning to provide a solid film, I learned how to do it along the way. I hope you enjoy the ride.


Scott Englund is a social entrepreneur living and operating MotoMission Peru in Cusco, Peru, where 100% of the profits from the business support local social projects for children and families. Scott's passions include exploring, dirt bikes, and film.


Directed by

Scott Englund

Produced by

Scott Englund


Scott Englund


Scott Englund


Scott Englund

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Kevin Macleod


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