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Mondo Sahara (INACTIVE)

Directed by Austin Vince

Documentary | 93 minutes | United Kingdom | 2013 | English


Austin Vince and his team of fun seekers head south, riding from London to the 'Empty Quarter’ of the Sahara where no unsupported motorcyclists have ever ridden before. As they set off from London, another member is up ahead burying food, fuel and water across the deserts of Mauritania. At the Mauritanian border, the team are handed a GPS plot of the supply dumps and off they go into the Sahara, each night locating and digging up the supplies for the next day. Nobody had done anything like this before. It was only going to be four weeks but the relentless heat, the pressure to make the drop-points each night and the difficult terrain made this the most exciting and challenging ride of their lives.


Directed by

Austin Vince

Produced by

Austin Vince


Austin Vince, Eric Sowle, Gabriel Bolton, Joe McManus, Paul Castle, Pablo Gustafson, James Duveen, Richard Kemplay


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Written by

Austin Vince

Music & Sound

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