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It's Worth It

Directed by Nick Hagman

Narrative, Animation, Experimental | 9 minutes | USA | 2020 | English


A piston is summoned to take the hero's journey and rebuild the 1993 KX250 2-stroke dirt bike engine it will live in. "It's Worth It" is the result of approximately 500 hours worth of work and contains somewhere in the neighbourhood of 10,000 unique photos. It's not a tutorial, but you might learn something from it or at the very least be entertained.

Director's Statement

If this video makes you want to go spin a wrench then I've achieved my goal, and the effort was worth it.


Directed by

Nick Hagman

Produced by

Nick Hagman



List of editors


Nick Hagman

Written by

Nick Hagman

Music & Sound

Nicholas Alan Nelson


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