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International Jampot 2020 NZ

Directed by Peter Blasdale

Documentary | 13 minutes | New Zealand | 2020 | English | WORLD PREMIERE


In February, 2020, the International Jampot Rally for Matchless and AJS motorcycle riders, set off on what is possibly the last tour around the South Island of New Zealand. Some 30 odd Kiwi Jampot club members and 17 International AJS/Matchless club enthusiasts toured across New Zealand making their way to the Burt Munro Challenge before heading north, picking up fellow NZ Club Members enroute. There were gravel roads, washed-out roads. It rained, It poured. Its was hot, cold, and it was fun!

Director Bio

Peter Blasdale has been involved with making and producing films since 2002. While he's been both director and producer, he specializes in camera, sound work and film editing. He's worked on many of his own projects as well as collaborating with other filmmakers and has won a couple of awards for his work.


Directed by

Peter Blasdale

Produced by

Peter Blasdale



Peter Blasdale


Peter Blasdale, Barry Sangster

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Peter Blasdale, Barry Sangster, John Herd, Geert Hermsen


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