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In the Red

Directed by Patrick Rooney

Documentary | 78 minutes | UK | 2020 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


A look at Speedway motorcycle racing in the UK, taken from the perspective of the Glasgow Tigers club during their 2019 season. The film follows the Tigers' highs and lows as they travel across the UK, competing against other Speedway teams for the Championship League title.

In The Red also documents the current condition of Speedway; a sport that faces an uncertain future and being forgotten as many clubs continue to shut down across the country. As well as presenting the drama that takes place on and off the track, the film highlights some of the personal stories of Glasgow Tigers fans and volunteers, who never fail to bring an emotional touch to the event.

Director Statement & Bio

The making of In The Red has been my life for the past year and it has been the most rewarding film project that I have ever had the privilege of working on. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside the Glasgow Tigers speedway team and Allied Vehicles on this production and I cannot thank them enough for their trust in myself as a Director throughout the films creation. To make a film like In The Red with all the characters you see on screen truly is an experience that's as fun, exciting and entertaining as it seems. I believe that this Director's Cut is the most cinematic and engaging version of this film, featuring never before seen footage. I look back on the finished project with very fond memories.


Patrick Rooney is a Freelance Filmmaker, working under the title of DEAR FRIEND Films. His work has been selected for multiple international film festivals, as well as having been shown live on national TV (STV). He studied Digital Filmmaking at the SAE Institute, Glasgow, and has worked with numerous production companies across Scotland, as well as producing his own professional film catalog.

Patrick's debut feature-length documentary film, In The Red, was filmed throughout 2019 and completed in 2020 in association with Allied Vehicles. Patrick directed, filmed and edited the film himself.


Directed by

Patrick Rooney

Produced by

Gerry Facenna, Robert Mackenzi, Peter Facenna



Patrick Rooney


Patrick Rooney

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