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Harley Made in Cuba (Harley a la Cubana)

Directed by Fito Pochat

Documentary | 95 minutes | Argentina | 2020 | Spanish (English subtitles) | N.A. PREMIERE


Vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the 30s and 40s are still rumbling through the streets of Cuba – restored to their full glory and painstakingly maintained using a hodgepodge of salvaged parts and handmade makeshift solutions.

Mandy lives on the outskirts of Havana and dreams of becoming the premiere Harley mechanic on the island. He learned from José Sobrino, his step-father, who is a renown as the best Harley mechanic in all of Cuba. Mandy thinks he's ready to take over the workshop but Sobrino is not convinced. The young mechanic adores his stepfather but given the refusal, he becomes furious and thinks of making his own destiny far from the house and the workshop.

About the Director

Rodolfo “Fito” Pochat is a screenwriter, director and producer. He was born in Argentina in the mid-1960s. He graduated from the National Film School (ENERC), dependent on the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. With a long career in television production, he served as director of different TV channels. He was Executive Producer of a kids tv channel (The Big Channel) and an argentine tv channel (Solo Tango). His restless thriving personality led him to start a career in film. Fito has produced and directed several audiovisual projects. He is the founder of the production company called MOTONETA CINE SRL from where he develops projects for film and television.


Directed by

Fito Pochat

Produced by

Motoneta Cine


Armandito Mandy Surbaran, Rolando Máximo Reguera, Eladio Fidel Castillo, Gabriel Rodriguez, Sergio Sánchez, Leonid Ferrer Naranjo, Darmaris Quintero, José Antonio Reyes, Lyng Chang, Sergio Morales, Ernesto Guevara March, Camilo Sánchez, José Sobrino,


List of editors


Nicolás Pittaluga

Written by

Gabriela González Fuentes, Fito Pochat

Music & Sound

Ray Fernández


Connect info

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