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Flat 6 (Plná 6)

Directed by Adam Sejk

Documentary | 80 minutes | Czech Republic | 2022 | Czech, English | INT'L PREMIERE


Kamil Holán is one of the best Czech motorcycle road racers. Although his means and background are far from the level of the world's factory riders, his skills allow him to compete with them on the world’s toughest roadracing tracks such as the Isle of Man and Pikes Peak. This is the story of Kamil's everyday life as a father, husband, and son, whose life is consumed by his passion for speed and pushing everything to flat 6 - the moment when the motorcycle is in top gear and at the max of its rev limit.


Directed by

Adam Sejk

Produced by

Václav Flegl


Kamil Holán, Agáta, Ema, Sára, Venda a Líza, Marie Holánová, Ivo Holán, Žaneta Mrózková, Ivo Holán Jr., Lucie Hólanová


Jakub Voves


Adam Sejk

Written by

List of writers

Music & Sound

Marek Doubrava, Václav Flegl


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