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Fighting MSA | Austin Crawford's Story

Directed by Phil Gioja

Documentary | 15 minutes | USA | 2018 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


As daily activities become increasingly more challenging due to Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a degenerative neurological disorder with no known cause or cure, Austin Crawford claims to be "the richest man in the world" as he fights to pay it forward and keep his head in the wind. Austin Crawford tells his bittersweet story as he faces this debilitating disease with a bold face and a community of friends.

Director Bio

Phil Gioja owns Center Street Productions, providing custom video production for businesses and organizations. He is fascinated by stories of, perhaps overlooked, but remarkable people.


Directed by

Phil Gioja

Produced by


Austin Crawford


List of editors


Phil Gioja, Isaac Musgrave

Written by

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Music & Sound

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