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Earned - The Story of Keith Hale's 750ss

Directed by Roberto Serrini

Documentary | 28 minutes | United States | 2021 | English | SPECIAL SCREENING


When he was 20 years old, Keith Hale scraped together enough money to buy a Ducati 750ss. He had no idea that what he was buying what would later be known as the most rare and beautiful bike ever built. He had no idea as he raced it and rode it across America or when he used it every day to commute to his job as a schoolteacher. He had no idea that the bike he took perfect care of his entire life would give him the rest of his life to live out and save him from a life of giving unreciprocated as an educator. This is a simple story of a man, a thing, and learning what it is to earn a valuable life.

About the Director

Roberto Serrini is well known as a moto-filmmaker, having made a handful of extremely well received documentaries and branded commercials about the people and machines that fascinate him. He is the recipient of multiple festival awards, including Jalopnik, Portland, Vancouver, Rome, and Mototematica motorcycle film festivals.


Directed by

Roberto Serrini

Produced by

Peter Boggia


Keith Hale, Ian Falloon, Tim Parker


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