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AKA Brokentooth: Canada's Ice Road Biker

Directed by Jory Lyons

Documentary | 12 minutes | Canada | 2016 | English


This documentary follows Canada’s lone ice road motorcyclist Oliver Solaro as he battles the odds on two wheels in Canada's great white north. Shot in frigid -35°C temperatures over the course of a five day road trip from Williamsford Ontario to the first nations settlement of Attawapiskat.

About the Director

Jory Lyons is a Producer, Cinematographer, and filmmaker working on corporate, commercial and documentary films in the Toronto. In 2012 Jory co-wrote, produced, directed and edited Bad Movers, a full length feature comedy, shot in his hometown of Owen Sound. A.K.A. Brokentooth is his first venture into documentary filmmaking.


Directed by

Jory Lyons

Produced by

Jory Lyons, Lisa Tayor


Oliver Solaro


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Jory Lyons

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