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Whatever May Come

Directed by Christian Vogel

Documentary | 122 minutes | Germany | 2018 | English | CANADIAN PREMIERE


Christian has given up the lease on his apartment and quit his job as a TV journalist to pursue a life-long dream, to travel around the world on a motorcycle. His route takes him through the USA, Canada, Russia, China and India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran. The 333 days, and more than 50,000 kilometres are filled with spectacular moments but also challenges and dangers.

Whatever May Come was edited from over 600 hours of footage that Christian filmed himself, but with his expertise as an editor, the story unfolds and draws you in making you part of his journey.

"Whatever May Come is not the traditional motorcycle travel story that concentrates [on] riding. It tells the story of courage, determination, instinct and a drive to continue. Through near disaster Christian discovers a human spirit, building friendships that see him repair a broken bike, [and] a broken body to continue his ride to discover the world. A year on the road and 22 countries Christian completes his journey and perhaps finds himself more than that around him." – Traverse


Directed by

Christian Vogel

Produced by

Christian Vogel, Simon Busch, Christian Frank


Christian Vogel, Helge Pedersen, Miriam Zimmermann


Bernd Rischner, Jörn Möllenkamp


Christian Vogel

Written by

Christian Vogel, Oliver Schmid

Music & Sound

Mitsch Kohn, Alexander Sass


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