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Ride Don't Hide

Directed by Dieter Schneider

Documentary | 70 minutes | Germany | 2021 | German (English subtitles), English | WORLD PREMIERE


After tragically losing his son to severe depression, Dieter Schneider takes to the road on a mission to circumnavigate the world. Across five continents and 120,000 km, Dieter is aiming to learn how different people deal with depression and suicide prevention, a topic that affects hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life. Travelling on two wheels becomes therapy and what started as a nightmare turned into a dream come true before coming to an abrupt end in Buenos Aires as a result of the global pandemic.

Director Statement & Bio

When we started the film, we could not even imagine in the faintest way what relevance and timeliness the two topics of travel and mental health would get. Lockdown, restricted contact, and social isolation can now be life-threatening for people suffering from depression. On the other hand, we are all concerned with exit and travel restrictions. The film brings the two strands of depression and traveling together in a remarkable way.


Born in Koblenz in 1959, former Olympic fencer Dieter Schneider is a passionate motorcyclist, journalist, teacher and founder of a foundation focused on the relief from depression and suicide prevention.


Directed by

Dieter Schneider

Produced by

Allie Schropp


Dieter Schneider, Meci Stojmirovic


List of editors


Dieter Schneider

Written by

Meci Stojmirovic

Music & Sound

List of music credits


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