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Going Beyond - Margot's Incredible Journey

Directed by Johannes Meier and Paul Hartmann

Documentary | 110 minutes | Germany | 2019 | German (English subtitles) | N.A. PREMIERE


At 64, Margot got on a motorcycle for the first time in her life and took off. On the back of a Honda 125cc she travelled halfway around the world from Germany, deep into central Asia to explore. Margot's journey is a fresh take on the epic road trip film, told through the eyes of an aging, and new, female rider intent on pushing back against what society thinks she should do at her age, and reconfirming to herself that the world and its people are beautiful.


Directed by

Johannes Meier, Paul Hartmann

Produced by

Streets Films


Margot Flügel Anhalt


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Written by

Johannes Meier

Music & Sound

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