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A Canadian Milestone

This year, we set a new milestone with five Canadian films selected as part of this year's Festival lineup. We've been championing Canadian filmmakers since our inception but in truth progress has been slow; until this year. We received thirteen Canadian submissions this year (go Canada!) and selected the following five that you'll see on the big screen this September.


Directed by J.P. Veillet

The individuals in the motocross and Harley-Davidson stunt scene face both mental and physical strains, pushing the boundaries of physics and motorcycle riding, knowing full well that one wrong move could be the end.



Directed by Geneviève Chartrand

Roxanne, Veronique and Catherine have different stories about how they fell in love with motorcycles and what they mean to them.


Angie: Tales of Determination

Directed by Christopher Darton

Despite the obstacles that stand in her way, born with multiple congenital birth defects and breast cancer, Angie Sandow is a force and doesn't let anything stand in her way including her dream to start riding a motorcycle.


257 Down

Directed by David Porteous

For Alex Abbott, a winning dirt bike freestyle rider, the moment of truth came when his dirt bike landed on his head and became a quadriplegic. Ten years later, Alex is on the verge of finding his way back onto two wheels.


Route 16 Ramble

Jason Hamborg

With about 1,000 km of riding from Prince George to the Pacific coast of Prince Rupert, four friends discover the beauty of Northern British Columbia.

Head over to the TMFF 2021 Film Guide for more information including trailers, synopsis and stills.


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