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Drama at IOMTT

"Raw, gritty, un-distilled, an extremely candid inside look" – Road Racing News

Following the head-to-head battle between TT legend Dave Molyneux and seven-time World Champion Tim Reeves, there has never been a movie that gets you this close to the action, out on the course, and in the paddocks.

Seeing and hearing these machines scream at top revs through the serene Isle of Man countryside is a feast for both the eyes and ears, but 3 Wheeling goes much deeper than that. Molyneux is tough as nails and broody, and the tension between him and Reeves, is palpable. It's no better within his own team though, where things get uncomfortable to watch at times. Clearly, he's the villain in this story that unfolds before us.

The Back Story

The original idea for 3 Wheeling was conceived by Isle Of Man businessman and Sidecar Racing mega fan Chris Beauman who has very close connections within the sport, having sponsored a number of the top teams over the years.

We screened 3 Wheeling at TMFF 2018 and were honoured to have Chris Beauman join us in Toronto all the way from the Isle of Man. Joining Chris on the film's opening night were members of SRA (Sidecar Racers Association) including Jeff Gillard who competed at the IOMTT in 2015.


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