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We're excited to announce the filmmakers and cast members that will be attending the 2018 edition of TMFF. You'll have a chance to meet them at our kick-off party on Thursday, at our TMFF Talks panel on Sunday and of course, we'll bring them up on stage following the screening of their films so we can hear from them, and you'll get a chance to ask your questions too.

From top to bottom, left to right:

⭐️ Chris Beauman, Producer, 3 Wheeling

⭐️ Virgil Laferté, Director, No Highway

⭐️ Cedric Corbeil, Director of Photography, No Highway

⭐️ Marc Provencher, Key Cast, No Highway

⭐️ Robert Cameron, Cast, Rally for Rangers

⭐️ Ethan Vara & Brian Walsh, Directors, Transcend

⭐️ Sean Fullan, Editor, Black Lightning: The Rollie Free Story

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