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Directed by Nick Dean

Documentary | 7 minutes | USA | 2021 | English | SPECIAL SCREENING



Kortel "Korta - T" Autrey is a stuntman from Watts, Los Angeles. With a dream to influence inner-city youth away from gang violence, he uses the power of motorcycles to show kids in his community what they're capable of.

NOTE: Director Nick Dean will be joining us at TMFF 2023 for a Q&A following the screening of his film.

Director Bio

Nick Dean is a self-taught multi-fascinated director with a background in music and sound design. His love for adventure and itch for adrenaline figure strongly in his themes, while his international background naturally draws him to the human story.


Directed by

Nick Dean

Produced by

Nick Dean


Kortel "Korta - T" Autrey, Brandonn "Harley Bee" Holmes, Desmond "Cash" Crumwell, Keyon "Beli" Holly, Makahi Allen, Sean Bailey, Kortel Autrey Jr.


Nick Dean


Nick Dean, Brenndan O'Connor, Eddie Diaz

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