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2019 Judging Panel

Vicki Gray

Founder, MOTORESS & International Female Ride Day

Founder of MOTORESS, the world's #1 women's motorcycle magazine, and founder of the global International Female Ride Day, Vicki pushes the boundaries and challenges preconceived notions about what women should, and could do.

Q&A with Vicki >

Kate O'Connor Morris

Writer, Filmmaker

Kate O'Connor Morris is an American poet and filmmaker. A contributing writer to La Motocyclette and Craftrad, Kate O'Connor Morris penned the Fox Searchlight film 21 Days Under the Sky (Netflix Original, 2016), an unconventional true story about the bikers who won't conform. On assignment for Harley Davidson, she crossed America on a Sportster 48 with no tent, and wearing one pair of pants.

Our Q&A interview with Kate is coming up in the next one to two months. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the 🔔 to get notified when we post new videos.

Sophia Vassiliadis

Writer, Performer

Sophia can’t believe her luck! Having left a cozy career as a high school teacher to follow her passion for film, she found herself happily side-tracked by the motorcycle industry – first as the social media lead at EatSleepRIDE, as well as a couple years as publicist for the Toronto Motorcycle SpringSHOW, and in the midst of all that, lending a bit of a hand to that perfect marriage of her loves known as the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. These days Sophia attends as many motorcycle events as possible in the GTA and beyond when she isn’t working on film sets or writing for the American-based motorcycle web magazine RideApart. She needs someone to pinch her, that she was asked to be a judge for the TMFF’s 2019 line-up of incredible moto-movies!

Scott Wilson

Co-Host and Co-Creator of Departures and Descening travel TV programs

Gemini Award nominee Scott Wilson is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind it. Scott is the co-host of the super popular TV shows, Departures and Descending and an avid motorcyclist.


Having travelled to all seven continents and over 80+ countries, Scott still never tires of travel and continues to do so for work and pleasure. A regular contributor to Canada Moto Guide’s travel column, Scott continues to find time to explore the world by motorcycle whenever he can. Though time at home seems limited these days, Scott has a growing stable of motorcycles reflecting his love of all things two-wheeled. Recognized as one of the Top Ten to Watch by Playback Magazine, Scott continues to challenge himself professionally, and personally as a commercial diver and pilot.

Dustin Woods

Managing Editor, Canada Moto Guide

Dustin has turned his lifelong passion for motorcycles into a career as a writer for some of Canada's top print and digital publications including Canada Moto Guide, HOG Canada, Cycle Canada, and more. Reviewing motorcycles and developing travel features for over a decade, he has never turned down an opportunity to ride. Owning sport bikes and cruisers over the years while also making use of manufacturer media fleets, Dustin has travelled near and far, over asphalt and dirt. Looking back at the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of his adult life, the moments that easily top the list all involve a motorcycle. Even when encountering inclement weather, he can't think of a time when he would have rather been in a car.

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